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Sports 17 views May 19, 2020
FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 comparison: Partner Clubs

FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 comparison: Partner Clubs


One method both football games use in an attempt to score one-upmanship is bringing on board partner clubs. In some cases, it doesn’t make too much difference: Manchester United are a PES 2020 partner club but EA’s Premier League license means it can still include Old Trafford and the Red Devils’ crest and kits in FIFA 20. 

In others, such partnerships are a genuine gamechanger. Both Spain’s Camp Nou and Italy’s Allianz Stadium, two of the biggest stadiums in world football, are exclusive to PES 2020 thanks to Konami’s deals with Barcelona and Juventus respectively. And yes, a little reminder that Juve really aren’t in FIFA 20 – although you can still use its players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Blaise Matuidi under the guise of Piemonte Calcio.

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Roy Keane

Keane is an important member of Manchester United in the glorious decade of the Premier League. He has become the core of the midfield with a tough defense. He is known for his aggressive kicking, and his interception is frightening.

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Even though the London-born midfielder initially played for West Ham United, Lampard later switched to Chelsea and played for 13 years. He played a total of 429 games and became a Chelsea club legend. Lampard is a flexible midfielder, proficient in interception and defense, while also creating opportunities and handing in goals on the other end of the court. Lampard won several awards while playing for Chelsea, including three Premier League titles and a Champions League medal.

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Litmanen won the Champions League with Ajax in 1995. Many people regard him as the greatest footballer in Finnish history. He has played for the national team for 21 years. The Finnish national team's record of appearances and goals scored so far has not been broken

PES 2020 Partner Clubs

-  Juventus (fully exclusive, so kits and stadium are only in PES 2020)
- Barcelona (stadium exclusive to PES 2020)
- Manchester United (also in FIFA 20 due to EA’s Premier League license)
- Bayern Munich (stadium exclusive to PES 2020)
- Arsenal (also in FIFA 20 due to EA’s Premier League license)
- AC Milan (believed to also be in FIFA 20, full confirmation TBC)
- AS Monaco (stadium exclusive to PES 2020)
- Celtic (stadium exclusive to PES 2020)
- Rangers (stadium exclusive to PES 2020)
- Palmeiras (fully exclusive to PES 2020)
- Flamengo (fully exclusive to PES 2020)
- Sao Paulo (fully exclusive to PES 2020)
- Corinthians (fully exclusive to PES 2020)
- Vasco da Gama (fully exclusive to PES 2020)
- Universidad de Chile
- Colo-Colo
- Schalke

FIFA 20 Partner Clubs

- Liverpool
- Manchester City
- PSV Eindhoven
- Benfica
- AS Roma
- Ajax
- Chelsea

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